Drying Flower Tips & Shipping

Pictured is a white rose that was hung in front of a shaded kitchen window and dried with a slight yellowish tan tint.

Suggested ways to dry your flower(s): (allow 2-3 weeks)

If they are in a vase, empty the water, trim the stems and allow them to dry as is, in the vase out of the sunlight in a dry dark area

  • Lay them out on a paper towel or baking paper in a dry dark area
  • Hang them upside down in a dry dark area
  • Bake them – google how to dry flowers in the oven

Please keep in mind:

Light color roses can dry their true color or tan. Red roses can dry their true color, dark red/burgundy or a tan/brown. It all depends on how the petals are handled, the oils from our hands can make the petals turn brown as they dry.

Once dried, as you handle the petals they can crumble into tiny pieces while others may form into a crushed powder. THIS IS OK, I actually crush the petals to create the beads.



Dried flower(s) can be dropped off or mailed to Unique Memories in Somonauk, IL.  (Please contact us for the address)

A shipping & handling fee will be applied to all completed orders returned via USPS.