Remembering a Dearly Loved Mother (My favorite necklace)
Remembering a Dearly Loved Father & Grandfather (Auto Keepsakes)
Remembering a Volunteer (Auto Keepsakes)
Clay color and the dried flowers used for some of the Auto Keepsakes
A Beautiful Rosary Remembering a Dear Friends Mother
Very Special Mother & Daughter matching necklaces in Memory of a Best Friend
Flowers used for a Dearly Loved Brother & Cubs Fan
Remembering and Honoring a Dearly Loved Grandmother (Bracelet)
In Memory of a Dearly Loved Mother (Pocket Rosaries)
Christmas Gift 2020 for my Niece (Bracelet & Earring Set)
Remembering a Dearly Loved Grandmother (New style Bracelet)
Custom Bracelet Birthday Gift for my Husband - Original on line over $300! (Skull Beads are Out of Stock)
A Birthday Gift using Flowers from Easter (Auto Keepsake)
Honored to help remember my Dearly Loved Aunt Vertie (Custom Keychains & Angel Charms)
Helping a Dear Friend remember a Co-Workers Mother (just ruby red clay, no flowers used in the Auto Keepsake)
Mothers Day gifts Honoring a Dearly Loved Grandfather (Earrings, Bracelet and Auto Keepsakes)
2 year old Rose (JUST GORGEOUS) used in Earrings, Bracelet and Auto Keepsakes
Remembering a Dear Loved One (Pocket Rosaries)
NEW multi-color, Blue w/sand from Mexico & my 1st bracelet in Pink Shimer with dried rose petsal from my Husband
Bracelets for a Bride and Brides Maids from a Fabulous June 2021 Wedding
NEW style Flower Bracelet (charms will vary)
Pocket Rosary's (Assorted colors available for purchase, please email me for more informaton)
NEW cross style bracelet available!
A "Just Because" Rosary gift for a Loved Daughter-In-Law
Helping a Dear Friend honor her Mother (Bracelets w/ charms, charms additional)
All finish items are package in a mesh bag
Wedding bouquet used for bracelets
Rosary Birthday Gift for a Dearly Love Friend
Gift for Mermaid Lover
Remembering a Dearly beloved Mother and Aunt (Auto Keepsakes)
New style key chain to help remember a Dear Friend's & Boyfriend's Father (Key Chain)
Helping a family celebrate their loved one (Bracelet, Auto Keepsake & Key Chain)
Fabulous 24 year old rose used in customer skull bling bracelet for a dear friend.
A Gorgeous bracelet made with a 24 year old rose with skulls and bling is just Fabulous.
Helping a Dear Friend honor her Father (Bracelet)
Honored to help remember a Dearly Loved Grandmother
(Auto Keepsake) honoring a Dear Brother
Rosaries from a stunning Wedding Bouquet
Remembering a Dearly loved Grandmother (Bracelets & Key Chains)
Celebrating a Dearly Loved Mother (Bracelets)
Remembering a Mother & Father
A Pocket Rosary for a Friend to give as a gift
A Pcket Rosary for a Dearly Loved Friend
Gifts for a Mother & Daughter from the Daughters Fall Wedding
Honoring a Dearly Loved Brother with the Love of His Chicago Bears (Bracelets & Angel Charm)
Remembering a Loved Mother (Rosaries)
Rosaries for a returning client for her niece's future wedding and a niece-in-law
Honoring a Beloved Grandfather (Bracelets)
A Gift for the Mother of the Groom (Bracelet)
A special gift for a Friend to remember her Grandmother (2 Regular size Bracelets & 1 Man's Bracelet)
Remembering a Dearly Loved Brother (In-Law) with a Bracelet and Key Chains
A Dearly Loved Cubes Fan (Keychains)
Remembering a Dearly Loved Brother who loved Scubadiving with a Bracelet and Earring set